Business Insurance

When you opened your business, you did not just make a financial investment, you put yourself on the line, too. You added security doors and put other measures in place to secure you against loss, but you soon realized that many potentials losses are beyond your control. If hurricanes and bad weather damage your building, or you lost power for several days, how would your business function if you couldn't operate from your current location?

No matter how successful your business is, are you prepared for the unexpected? Strovis Insurance can help you develop or improve your backup plan for protecting your business from the unpredictable.

In our lawsuit-happy society, you want to protect your business from intentional or unintentional negligence by yourself or your employees that can destroy your company. Strovis Insurance offers you the general liability and negligence insurance you need to keep your business secure. You might need protection for your fleet of vehicles, workers' compensation, or other insurance that addresses specific risks in your business.

When you work with Strovis Insurance, we get to know your business to make sure that you have the proper coverage against potential loss. We don't regard you as just another policy number, but follow up our initial review of your business with an annual evaluation to review, update, and renew your policies.

Convenient Policy Bundling From Strovis Insurance Increases Your Security

Many businesses have varied insurance needs - and a drawer full of policies to meet them. Strovis Insurance can simplify your life by bundling your coverage into one policy. This will make it easier to keep track of renewal dates and prevent accidental policy lapse. Since we tailor your coverage to your needs, we can easily update or modify you particular coverage as your needs change. Our goal is to leave you free to concentrate on your business, with confidence that your business insurance needs are fully met and secure.