Homeowner's Insurance

Homeowners' insurance protects your life's most valuable assets. Strovis Insurance knows what an investment your home truly is, so protect it with quality coverage at a great price. As an independent agency, Strovis Insurance provides clients with competitive rates from nearly two-dozen nationally known and top-rated insurance carriers.

You may also wish to discuss with a Strovis representative about having your homeowners' insurance and auto insurance combined to give you the best rates possible for your premium.

Why is homeowners' insurance so important? Homeowners' insurance is all about keeping your home and belongings safe in the event that something unexpected happens. Don't take your chances and risk losing your largest investment yet.

  • If a fire or natural disaster strikes and your home is destroyed, you will need coverage to fix or rebuild.
  • If one of your guests is injured in your home, liability protection and medical coverage will assist in paying off expenses.
  • If you've been robbed or your home has been vandalized, coverage will ensure you are reimbursed for your losses or repairs.
  • If you are still working to pay off your home, you will be required to have insurance by your lender.

Please note that homeowners' insurance is used to cover unexpected damages caused from accidents or natural disasters, not regular routine maintenance to your home. Talk to your agent about what homeowners' insurance covers and be sure to thoroughly read your policy to stay up-to-date on what's covered by your insurance.