Landlord/Renters Insurance

Landlord Insurance

If you are a landlord, you know that the buildings you rent out are your investment and you do not want to put any of them at risk. You may worry that your tenants could potentially destroy or damage your property during their stay. So whether you're renting one property or a host of properties, we can make sure that if any of your units are damaged, you are covered. We can also assist you in making sure that your rental property can get back on the market as soon as possible after an incident.

Renters Insurance

It is a common misconception to think that just because your landlord has insurance, your personal property is also covered in the case of damage or theft. What most people do not realize is that a landlord's insurance coverage does not include any of your personal belongings. What would happen if:

  • Your apartment building was destroyed in a fire?
  • The unit you're renting experienced water damage?
  • A guest fell and injured himself in your home?
  • You are the victim of burglary?

If you do not have renter's insurance, you have zero protection for any of the incidences above, as well as many more. Often, people will not purchase renters insurance because they believe they do not have enough personal property to make a policy worthwhile. Take a step back and think of all the belongings you own and how much you could potentially lose, like:

  • Clothing
  • Furniture
  • A television or entertainment system
  • A computer
  • An iPod
  • Musical or sporting equipment
  • Jewelry

All of these items are worth replacing and that is why it is so important for you to cover your belongings and your guests because accidents can happen.