Personal Insurance

Personal insurance can protect you against a number of incidents that could, in the end, cost you a large sum of money. Personal insurance can help cover the cost of repairs needed from weather-related damages to your house, a rental vehicle in the case of an auto accident or for many medical expenses incurred from yourself or others in an accident. When you are covered with a personal insurance policy from Strovis Insurance, you have the freedom to choose the custom policy or bundled package that fits your needs.

Personal insurance refers to the several policies that are put in place to protect you and your physical possessions you've spent time and money acquiring. While some of these policies are optional, others are mandated by the state for your protection. For example, the proof of auto insurance is required by the state of South Carolina while other policies, such as renters insurance, are only required by some condo associations and landlords. By choosing additional policies on top of those that are required by law, you increase your peace of mind with one monthly or annual premium.

Auto insurance, condo insurance, homeowners' insurance, landlord/renters insurance and liability protection are some examples of the most popular insurance policies chosen. Other policies chosen by our clients also include motorcycle, boat and jewelry insurance. By specifically recognizing your needs, we can insure you with the kind of protection you and your family need for life's unexpected changes.